Thursday, 28 January 2010

Why Do i Love Eve?

Why do i love EVE? I think its easier to say why i dont like EVE. But if i did that their wouldn't be a blog would there. For a game running 5 years or whatever i have been apart of it for around a month and it has already bonded with my soul. The environments amazing, i never thought the vast emptiness of space could have so much detail or be so exciting. The story, well its there for those who want to know, and i havent looked at much but i was truly inspired. The community is amazing, thousands of different people, all fighting for each other. EVE strikes at everyones soul, who doesnt want to be an explorer of space, or a commander of a battleship blowing the heck out of another fleet, i certainly do, and for now i think EVE is the closest you could get to it. I think there truly is only one problem with EVE and thats the lack of hours in a day to play it to my hearts content. I have played other online games, including Warcraft and that just began to drill my soul, EVE is an intricate, ever changing universe driven by the players them self, If you haven't played it then i recommend you do.Thats my say on the matter anyway, and after writing this i dont want to go back to writing a psychology essay, id rather play EVE, Best and safest drug :P

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  1. Oh yea, and this was my first ever Blog, thats how dedicated i am to EVE, so i do apologize if it lacks any fancy smancy colour scheme